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Check out these recent custom mobiles, then contact us to discuss your project. Item description at bottom of page. For large mobile installations, see our installations page.

lightspring silver hanging mobile art stabile mobile hanging standing art red black red black hanging mobile sculpture art calder supernovas rainbow color hanging mobile large sculpture art copper brass black hanging mobile art sculpture translucent acrylic hanging mobile art printed red boomerang mid-century modern hanging mobile art mid-century modern hanging mobile sculpture art red supernovas hanging mobile sculpture art red grey hanging mobile sculpture art modern standing mobile stabile hanging modern mid-century art flock hanging mobile installation silver art atomic wood hanging modern mobile sculpture art silver fountain hanging mobile sculpture modern mid-century art black red hanging mobile art mid-century modern hanging wood mobile art modern sculpture solar system hanging mobile planets sculpture wood copper brushed hanging modern mobile installation blood bank hanging mobile sculpture art multi-color rainbow hanging mobile modern sculpture outdoor mobile stabile hanging mobile calder red red orange hanging mobile art sculpture custom red circles large hanging mobile art sculpture silver reflective large hanging mobile installation custom hanging mobile flowers vines sculpture art blue boomerangs hanging mobile sculpture art lightspring hanging modern mobile art sculpture reflective silver multi-color rainbow mobile wall installation color discs red fish hanging mobile art sculpture translucent acrylic orange hanging mobile modern mid-century wood ovals cascade hanging mobile mid-century art black copper stabile hanging mobile art sculpture calder dinosaur hanging mobile custom sculpture art large hanging mobile installation lobby corporate copper wood translucent acrylic multi-color hanging mobile art large andromeda hanging mobile sculpture art black purple

  1. Lightspring mobile. 7 ft by 5 ft. Reflective aluminum and blasted-surface aluminum.

  2. Tabletop mobile. Aluminum and steel. Powder coated

  3. Red and black powder coated aluminum.

  4. Hand-painted aluminum discs mobile, stainless steel rods. 12 ft diameter, 3 ft tall.

  5. Brass, copper, steel, powder coated aluminum, paint.

  6. Clear acrylic, tinted, printed decals. Stainless steel rods. 8 ft diameter, 14 ft tall.

  7. Aluminum shapes, steel rods. Powder coated red. 12 ft diameter, 5 ft tall.

  8. Orbit mobile in custom colors.

  9. Novas mobile. Hand-painted aluminum discs in red shades.

  10. Novas mobile. Hand-painted aluminum discs in red and grey shades.

  11. Custom tabletop mobile.

  12. Flock mobile installation in reflective anodized aluminum.

  13. Atomic mobile. Varnished wood balls, stainless steel rods.

  14. Fountain mobile in reflective aluminum.

  15. Large, custom Andromeda mobile. 10 ft by 6 ft.

  16. Wood waves spiral mobile. Wood, stainless hardware. 12 ft diameter, 4 ft tall.

  17. Solar System mobile. Hand-painted aluminum discs representing the sun, planets, and moons.

  18. Brushed aluminum, copper, brass-anodized aluminum, wood.

  19. Blood bank logo mobile. Laser-cut, powder coated aluminum, stainless steel.

  20. Our Dinosaur Eggs mobile in custom colors.

  21. Large-scale outdoor stabile mobile. 12 ft tall, 14 ft across.

  22. Ivy mobile in custom colors. Gradient yellow to red.

  23. Tulips mobile in custom colors.

  24. Reflective aluminum and varnished wood. 12 ft across, 3 ft tall.

  25. Flying saucers. Powder coated aluminum discs, steel rods.

  26. Custom tabletop mobile.

  27. Reflective aluminum, stainless steel rods. 12 ft diameter, 4 ft tall.

  28. Vines and flowers. Brushed aluminum and stainless steel.

  29. Ceiling hugger mobile. 12 ft diameter, 1 ft tall.

  30. Wood spiral.

  31. Lightspring mobile. 12 ft by 8 ft. Reflective aluminum and blasted-surface aluminum.

  32. Hand-painted discs wall installation coordinates with lobby mobile.

  33. Red fish mobile. Powder coated, laser-cut aluminum.

  34. Orbit mobile in translucent acrylic.

  35. Wood, aluminum, and copper.

  36. Wood shapes in linear cascade.

  37. Copper and steel tabletop mobile.

  38. Pteranodons. Custom mobile for kids' playroom.

  39. Copper and wood mobile. 16 ft diameter, 10 ft tall.

  40. Company logo promotional mobile.

  41. Dinosaur Eggs mobile in multi-color translucent acrylic.

  42. Large, custom Andromeda mobile. 10 ft by 6 ft.